Half Life 2 Characters with enhanced physics.

Greetings everybody, i was thinking if someone please, had the time and interest to enhance HL2 characters. You know: Better physics and not only physics, also the better hands for the combine soldiers, Textures, at least for me are OK, i only want better physics on those ragdolls.

Thanks in advance

Definite support. Enhanced Citizens aren’t enough without Enhanced Combine and main characters to go with them.

I trust you know about these then: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=115471

Yes def support for the Combine.

If you want better physics, just copy the .phy files from the citizens, rename them to the model you want (any chars or combine) and simply replace those with the enhanced ones.

There’s already Enhanced Combine, but I’m not sure where the link is. Ask Bloo.

According to various people from whom I have extorted information (I’ve let them out of the basement and attic now, so don’t worry), you’d have to PM him for the models.

I’m not so sure about that…

Bloo posted the enhanced Combine in a thread before, here is the link

Nice, thanks Jason278 and everybody for answering

Believe me, I know more about this than you do. It would work.

This might be useful too, thanks