Half-Life 2 Citadel ribs

I’d like for people to share what they think the “ribs” on the side of the Citadel are used for, my guess is it’s sorta like a traffic light for troops in the city or landing decks for gunships/dropships.

EDIT:Okay, when was it dumb to be curious?

Architectural mysteries.

Well yeah, but can’t anbody come up with any actual ideas?

Ventilation points?

Didn’t they have a shitload of aircraft flying out when gordon was teleported 10 feet from the lab

Those were city scanners.

Well actually they’re pixels in the skybox, but they are city scanners according to Valve.

City scanners? I thought they came out the opposite side, let me go check…

EDIT: Okay, the “city scanners” (Dust effect) actually originate behind the citadel, and they were going behind the citadel, not out the ribs. It also looked like the majority went left (opposite side from the ribs) so in my book they didn’t come out of the “ribs.” I like that someone pointed out that scene, good reference point for me.

i thought they were birds :silent:

During Dark Energy, when Gordon is going up in the “citizen transportation system”, you can see gunships flying out from the Citadel.

Umm… just for show. Or perhaps their designed so that if the Combine run out of ammo, they can break one of the ribs off and use it as an improvized weapon. Or maybe they dispence extra machinegun/pulse rifle ammo if needed.


Oh by the way; just ask gabe.

It’s because the Combine enjoy making random metal bullcrap and welding it to their base.

As silly as it may be, I think this has got to be the most believable reason so far.
[sp]It has the word bullcrap in it[/sp]

This idea is the dumbest idea

Agreed. BTW, my last post in this thread WASN’T SERIOUS - I was just thinking outside the box. I KNOW the citadel ribs are just for show.

Hmm, I think I’ll go play that chapter and noclip out and see if I can see the “ribs”

Do these gunships clip through the pod rail (or whatever it’s called) for everyone else?

I"ll have to go replay the level and take reference pics. I think they do, but I’ll go play and report back on that.

EDIT: Nope, the gunships turn their “tails” so they just miss the rails, but the 3 times I just played through that part they took the path with slight variations each time, so it is possible for them to hit the rails and go through them so they don’t mess up the player’s path.



I think they’re for Dropships/Gunships