Half-Life 2 Citizen Reskin Pack out there?

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a machinima with the source engine and using GMod, It is an action / comedy type film and the standard citizen blue jumpsuit isn’t going to fit in too well, my question is;

Are there any citizen reskin packs that I could use?

I have seen the refugee pack on garrysmod.org but they apply to different models, ones that I am not using in my machinima.

Thanks for reading :v:

Fake Factory has textures where you can see all the way to those little lines and pores on the citizens faces.


Eh, actually, I don’t know if that suits your interest though.


(full resolution) http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=showimg&v=114464_1

Here is a link, in case your interested:

Fakefactory is horrible and you should feel horrible :v:

Thanks for the links :slight_smile: But I was looking basically for the HL2 characters in more natural looking clothing, without the jumpsuits.

FakeFactory does seem to make good textures but bad models.