Half Life 2 Compatability

I was kind of sick having garrysmod crash when changing levels from HL2 Campaign in multiplayer, Forbidding any COOP Play without manual changelevel commands.

So i decided to make this, This basically just changes the changelevel triggers with a custom one, Makes players unable to harm Key NPCS and is compatible with any or most gamemodes.

Have fun :3

Current Version: 0.2

Changes in 0.2:

Added HL2 Ammo limits. “Can be turned off with ammolimit_coop 0”

Added a new ammo_base entity that checks replaces all C++ ammo entitys in the map regularly “every 0.5 seconds” so players cant SPAM pickup ammo and leave other players without.

Download 0.2:


Why do this when Half-Life 2 Campaign automatically does all this? Yours by looking at the code changes level as soon as one player goes to it. Which is very inefficient in multiplayer. Also, why do I always find some stolen code in your work?

trigger_delaymapload is almost a complete ripoff out of HL2-Campaign.

I do understand that you could run almost any gamemode on this. But why would you do it in the first place? Sandbox is the only one I could imagine, but you can use DeriveGamemode for that…

No no no.

trigger_delaymapload is the scripted entity from there, But i almost had to recode that from scratch, Never changed the name.

The autorun script uses the vector min-max but other than that i had to write it up.

Sure, Theres a gamemode for it. But i had my mind set on other things when making this. Less compatability issues and more freedome really.

All in all:

Its for compatability and fun.

Its here for people who want it.

Just because something has the same name doesnt mean its stolen.

Do you mean this in only being able to change levels? Also, it won’t be fun on the short levels when they change when one player goes into the finish. And HL2-Campaign is more compatible than this. As it has all god-needed npcs. And you haven’t skipped the maps which crashes gmod since some maps have always been incompatible and some new maps have been uncompatible because of the engine update just recently.

Wizey… :doh:

Hey about you make one thread for you’re stuff instead of 50 a month

I find it strange how mine does the god needed npcs aswell… Just sayin’

Another great upload from Wizey! I can’t wait to test it out.

Has anybody noticed that I’m the only one that has said anything positive about this?

Yeah, i noticed.

Maybe its because its something thats already been done but a diffrent varient, Gmodders apparntly hate that. <.>

Kermite’s doesn’t seem to be getting old to them!

Damn… Your right there.

Well, I uploaded a new version so its more fair on more players.

What do you mean??? For one too soon… (I heard kermite was dead)second most of his weapons had nt to my knowledge been don before… and third to be on topic, and positive for that matter good job Wizey.

Eh. Looks pretty simple. Might go good with the HL2 Custom weapons Addon.