Half Life 2 content not appearing in Gmod

I recently re installed all of steam games after a re format, they all went on they way they have done before and played correctly, but when it came to installing Gmod i loaded it up just like ive always done but when i selected what games to mount Half Life 2 was blanked out, but its clearly installed, ive never had this problem in the past and ive had Gmod for a long time now. These pictures below will illustrate my problem.

Steam Library

Garry’s Mod Menu (look above deathmatch)

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Have you opted into steampipe beta for those games?


first off, did you go into the game’s properties and opt in for the beta to convert it to steampipe? if so, did you also try starting the game then going into gmod?

Ah, its sorted it now, thanks alot, i would never have guessed that