Half Life 2: DBZ Style re-compilation

Posting a new thread due to violations and noob errors that were made in previous one, as well as removing unneeded angles from a few pose in a couple sections. Apologies.

DBZ style? But aren’t the last pics well Naruto style?

Posing is pretty nice, but faceposing needs improving.

Well…yes, haha. I use ‘DBZ’ as a general reference to anime of it’s sort…kind of like referring to vending machines as ‘coke machines’, even though it’s not always coca-cola…eh-heh.

Posing is alright some dumb camera angles make it look horrible though

Could you point some of them out? Unless it’s…all of them, haha.
But yeah, if you could point out some mistakes it’d help so I know what to fix in later shots.
All input is appreciated.

Why alyx? Would have been better with someone else like Combine or something, and really, the Tribal CP?

Some posing is good, some posing is absolute crap. I’m not mean this is criticism.

Don’t try to act like you’re not a weeaboo.

This, and also dont be mean to the dude, if he likes anime or not is his problem, judge his posing not his way of living his own life lol.

The posing is really good! :open_mouth:

why did the guy at barrels switch

Because the guy he switched it to is sexier. I can understand that :smug:…

Posing is lovely, reminded me of DBZ. Never seen Naruto, though. :v:.

I actually laughed my ass off to this. :smiley:

Not really it’s a Kamehameha!




Haha, I actually used a combination of posing from the picture above (as posted previously here), and the one here, which explains the tad-bit akward knee stance. That’s anime for you.


I thought it was just about spot on :wink:

And also about the rebel being switched, for some reason when I saved and re-loaded, he just disappeared into thin air, so I had to get another ragdoll and do a re-pose. Eh.
I’ll post some new shots soon hopefully, any requests are welcome since I have nothing else to do with my uneventful life :smiley:

Some of the poses are good mate! Keep going

Thanks a bunch, I’m in the midst of conjuring up a couple more at the moment so hopefully they’ll be new ones soon. Will update asap. Thanks for all input/criticism!