Half-Life 2: Dragonball Z?

Got bored earlier and conjured up a couple of these poses. Comments? :slight_smile:
PS: New here…go easy on me now.

(All shots in this post have been deleted by me due to violation of screenshot rules)

I may make a comic or something out of all of this, I’ve got nothing else better to do in my spare time, so any requests, flood them in, haha. :smiley:

Also, I know I should have put an Art icon instead of Comic, as it really isn’t a comic yet…much less anything, really. Apologies.

PS: EPIC FAIL, I’ve realized that I’ve violated two of the stickied screenshot rules within five minutes of joining this website, so do what you must and call me a flat out nub who doesn’t know how to read before posting. Go ahead.

Dont use construct or any gm maps thats for sure and use the god damn camera tool. Posing is alright I guess. Just wrong map and use of the print screen button…

Understood, thanks for being reasonably harsh as well. Definitely taken note of.

Thats not harsh. Its called Constructive Critism… Also there are people who will be more nasty on here with their critism than me. Just to warn you… Just look out for the combine if he starts viewing this…

Disregard near everything The Combine says, he has no clue about anything remotely good.


At least the graphics are good. :v:

Just finished with some new shots…and thank heavens at a different map this time. Each of the three shots were taken in three different angles, except for the last, which has two angles.

I’m aware of Alyx’s jacket clipping through her sweater in her last shot, but I’m learning I suppose.
Also, to lionheart1066, I only said harsh because if anything I deserved a harsh response, but I didn’t necessarily take it like so, haha.

Comment if you so desire hm?

That’s actually quite good.

Don’t post so many angles for a single pose.
Also try to get more depth in your pictures, they look plain boring.

True, I’m probably going to add more people whenever I get around to taking some more later today, as well as adding more than just the characters to look at in the background and such. Thanks for your input.

Posing it quite good.

Also, lol at the ad below this page (was showing some kind of DBZ online mmo).

Thanks :slight_smile:
I put effort into them in order to redeem myself from the failness of my first post :S
I’m working on another set at the moment, so I’ll update whenever possible.

Bump, only because I finally got a couple more shots, review and comment if you like.

Alyx gets surrounded by a trio of fast zombies…

Time for high reflex parrying with…energy balls :wink:

I’m aware of it being noted that different angles for a shot isn’t necessary, however in these last three, since there are zombies all around her it complicates things when viewing from one side to the other. These could’ve been better but I think they’ll suffice for now.

Faceposing is a bit overdone. But only a bit.

You seem very optimistic, I can tell you will get much better with time. If you had a great editing software (along with the skills for it), you could eventually make some awesome stuff.

I hate you
The pictures have potential because the posings you did were hard but they look quite good but I dont like the idea.
With some badass editing youre pictures will be great!

Wow. Those really improved.

I like this one. Not bad,you have some potential.

Hmm, thats some good progress right there.
But as always, EVERY Alyx pic is impoved when changing the original alyx with the fakefactory one.
Also, you just could want to experiment with the “Depth Of Field” (DoF). Makes far things look blurry, like in normal vision.

For a new person, those are some excelent screenshots. Better than my first attempt was, anyhow.

Keep this up.