Half Life 2 Episode 2 wallpaper

I made this wallpaper a couple of days ago. What do you guys think?


Thats a rather boring wallpaper dont you think?

It’s pretty, and clean. But, as Combine said, rather boring for a poster.

Not bad. I really like the water. The letterbox doesn’t look black though… looks a tiny bit grey.

Okay, that’s a start. I’m gonna do another one tomorrow and I’ll try to make it more interesting.

EDIT* Didn’t notice the grey. I’ll fix that soon.

It looks like it’s on ice.
It like, floats on the water without sinking.
But i like the editing.

holy shit, how’d you get the water to look like THAT?

nice water man, the pic looks good… very atmospheric

Shallow water, possibly?

Nah, it does look a bit icy. I think I exaggerated with the effects.

Nice effects. Is alyx supposed to still be in the car?

Yeah. At first, I wanted to do a pose with Alyx on the car.

To the OP, what do you mean exactly about on the car? Something suggestive?

Nice lightning.

Could be. Maybe it’s Gordon who takes a photo and then who knows what happens …