"Half-Life 2, get ready... and... Action!"



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" Ok guys because we didn’t do it last time, the Citadel will be replaced with a giant alien squid!"

A zebra-hunter is sneaking in the filming!

Nice angles, altho the posing looks a bit stiff on the first pic.

Where the hell is my hair dresser.
Combine over here!
Turn down that light.
What is Tom Cruise doing on the set? Remove him.
No George Lucas! You can’t make this move. We want it to be good.
Oh fuck it’s Cher. We have no role for her. Get the old hag out of here.
Nicolas Cage? Tell him to fuck of.
No no no porn section is over there, and get Sean Connery out of there while your at it.
Oh shit it’s Cher again. Call security. And tell her to stop singing.

And so on:smile:

Rad spelin eh? Who retet tat? I demmnad two now.

Do i see young Black Mesa: Source Eli?


Its from the Black Mesa pack that Half-dead released made some time ago.

By the way, I like the pictures.

Link. Nao, please.





Media tags broken?

I wish there’s a Half-Life movie. sigh

Sean Connery as Breen…
yes, you ** WILL ** like it!
“Welcome tu schity sheven treen…”

Sean is a bit old, even for the Breen part. And he is not evil enough.


Morgan Freeman as Eli Vance of course!

I agree. He would be perfect.

But who to play Gordon…?

How do you make a movie where the main character can’t speak?

You’d probably have to do it from the perspective of someone with no direct contact with Gordon Freeman.

clipping on the lamp
/combo braker?

just sit here buddy.

pull up a chair, and wait for someone to say Hugh Laurie

He is too old and not enought buffed to do the roll of Gordon Freeman.

Man, I wish there was a place were people could go exercise and get built…
** Oh wait! **


The beard and eyebrows are enough, I don’t care about his accent, he played a Russian with it :buddy: