Half Life 2 group picture - Gaben's in the sky!

Took me a few maps to find something suitable, then a few minutes of what to pose and several hours to perfect the poses, find someone who could do simple photoshopping [sp]I suck at photoshopping, absolutely AWEFUL[/sp] and think who else I could add into the picture.

After nine hours of development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight. :buddy:

I seriously doubt that this took 9 hours to do.

Time I spend sleeping every night: 8 hours
Time I spend on my education: 9 hours
Time I spend on Facepunch: 6 hours

This does not take 9 hours.

Also, time waiting for somone else to do the photoshopping does not count towards hours you spent working on this.

Friendly advice. Next time, dont put the picture in a video and post it. There are so many things wrong with that.
Just use an image uploading site like www.imageshack.com or www.filesmelt.com and post the link using image tags here. If you want music, just stick a youtube video of the music you want above the picture.

This has GOT to be some sort of troll thread.

It’s a Gabe Newell saying. (Replace ‘hours’ with ‘years’ and ‘weight’ with ‘wait’. Get with the memo!)

You’re a fool.

You used ‘got’ wrong. [sp]It’s used in past-tense.[/sp]

I just posted something I made, that’s all there is to it…

Since you posted it, it’s our job to judge it.
Page 3, paragraph 5, link 46 of the Screenshots Section Manual.

You’re not doing it right because you’re judging the post, not the content.

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And the poster.

Content’s pretty shitty too.

Screenshot quality is… well let’s just say it’s not good.

That would be YouTube’s processing.

YouTube? Wut?


Stop making screenshots and putting them in Youtube videos.

This just gave me an idea! Make more screenshots and put them in youtube videos! I paid for Garry’s Mod so I can do whatever I want with it.

Why did you post video instead of posting picture itself?

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  1. the posing is not really that great
  2. when was gaben ever funny
  3. no one gives two shits about how long it took you to waste your life on garry’s mod

Have fun with that, pal.

this took me a month to make so be nice