Half Life 2 Import - Into GMOD to fix Pink/black errors

Okay. I own the Half-Life 2 that says “Pacakge also includes: Counter-Strike: Source, Half-life 2: Deathmatch, Half-life: Source.” I bought it with a friend who said that the copy he had wasn’t working, so we went back to the store and bought more of them. Then when we came back, we figured out that they were missing CD Keys. :confused: It comes with 5 discs, it installs. The only problem, is that I cannot play it.

Now, my problem is… EVERY map I have downloaded has stupid black/pink and these GIANT “ERROR” symbols all over the place. I wonder if I install Half Life 2, these all would go away. :confused:

I am on here to figure out if it’ll work. I own Garry’s mod and Counter-strike Source. I also own regular Half-life. I just want to know that if there is someway, I can just drag stuff into that folder with these discs.

If you’re going to give me a “You’re a PIRATE” answer, then thanks for your time in telling me that. I do not consider this pirating for that I am not selling anything, and I paid for this game on a “No RETURN” basis. This is useless information to you guys, I know that. I just want to know if you guys are legally able to help me out on these forums. If not, I’ll spend another WHOLE ENTIRE day trying to figure it out. :confused: I’ve been up a day and a half just tinkering with GMOD.

So maybe someone could add me to MSN and just let me know from there.


Edit: Oh, I have also checked changing the tagline what ever to “-32” it doesn’t work. I’ve tried deleting files and making it update itself, also I’ve restarted everything including steam. I’ve redownloaded the maps. :confused:

Edit EDIT: Actually, my problem might lie in Counter Strike: Source not being fully updated. Is that the problem there? :smiley:

Just buy HL2. It’s the easiest thing to do.

That might be the easiest thing to do sir, but I seriously cannot afford to drive or walk. It is way too far.

Can’t you buy a copy off steam?

I bought all this quite a few years ago. Most of my stuff worked before, but for some reason it isn’t. I remember doing something like this but I just used my friends copy. That friend is long gone, my situation is that. I have already given you the information. D=