Half life 2 in source 2 (dont get ur hopes up tho)

half life source 2
so ive recently got into a half life mood of sorts, and thought to myself that this game looks like it is on life support. Obviously that was a lie! half life looks beautiful and obviously set a mark for video game graphics (setting a new standard for both realistic graphics and the fps genres) but… have you seen the new cod? battlefield? even waluigi’s basics in wah and wonders! all look better then half life 2. So as you can imagine I was SHITING MY PANTS when I saw half life alyx, honestly that game on its highest settings looks photo realistic. so the graphics are great, the gameplay is awesome, the music is… AHHHHHH its so good, and only available for vr and is 80 au dollars. as you could imagine i was quite sad, but none the less I still had the videos on YouTube of hlvr, and best of all gmod, also an internet connection. it turns out I wasn’t the only person who wants unreal graphics for half life 2, so many videos exist of unreal 4 recreation screenshots, source 2 hammer recreation’s and probably a lot more im forgetting. and then I thought, maybe I should try! although I probably am not going to finish it but still is a cool idea (I haven’t done much, all I have done is created a pistol model).

The reason why this is going to be made as a s&box gamemode is because (not only would it be cool) but I would love to introduce a new generation to this genre defining game, that was so good that everyone copied it. so um… yeah… I suppose half life 3 confirmed then.

pistol model:


It would take you around 5thousand years to do it all alone. But hopefully you manage to make the first maps.

ill probably do ravenholm first (its my favourite)

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Gun looks goood, nice work marking all sharp edges, bake custom normals into the model for extra points so you don’t have to split the edges.

I think something odd is going on over here, on the top right of the sharp edge triangle the normals look off, can you show the gun in object view?