'Half-Life 2 is required to run mods'

Well, I went to a friends house to try and help him set this up, despite negating messages on the forums telling me that he should just buy it. Anyway, we got all of the proper GCF Files in line. [HL2, CSS, SDK, ETC] Inserted the sourcemod content, and changed the HL2DM launch options so that it would run. We saw the Gmod9 background. It all started. Then, out of the blue, like a giant Source Cockblock, the engine error thing popped up with the message, ‘Error: Half-Life 2 is required to run mods!’.

Note that he owns the HL2DM from offers, and Portal, but it still doesnt load properly. We got the GCFs from my account, sense I already had them in my Steam, and then we used them for that. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Ok…Got past that error somehow, but now, it keeps saying that ‘MountFileSystemError’ something, and that there are ‘no Steam Content Servers’. Any help at all?

You need to own the games, not just have the .gcf files
Tell him to buy HL2 and CS:S so he can run it.

Or just buy the newer Garry’s Mod.

Damn. Thats the whole reason for GMOD9 and the GCF files: To avoid spending money…

Just spend 10 bucks on Garry’s Mod, it’s worth it.

Best :10bux: you’ll ever spend :wink:

I know its worth it, but it takes a long time to get the money on a credit card from where I’m standing, so I was hoping I could get GMOD9 to work as a temporary thing.

I remember using some command code for it to run GMOD9 without HL2, back when I only had CS:S, DOD:S and HL2DM as Source games.

But I guess your friend has the free HL2DM and Portal, and I think you need atleast a game which includes Source SDK Base.

  1. Get $40 so you can buy him CS:S and HL2
  2. Get $24.99 so you can buy him CS:S and Gmod 10
    Edit: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=939366 I guess the person you’re talking about here is Tom

It is. Im guessing I should hurry up with this money, because I was hoping that Tom and I could play a bit of multiplayer before the weekend, but I guess I’ll end up spending more before then.

You will have to buy him another game if you want to play gmod 10 with him. Gmod requires at least one game with SDK, you cannot get SDK on the special offers, such as the Portal, and HL2DM ones.