Half Life 2 Leak: Captain Vance's Army

These are citizen heads hacked onto the leak conscript body, with a few improvements. The original conscript (animal) and Captain Vance models are also in here along with the brush conscript tank and apc (ported by battlepope98) from the wc-mappack. I also made a “medic” variant, its not the best but it works. Spawnlist included.


All 9 of the citizen head hacks, conscript tank, and conscript apc.


Left:new head-hacked consript Middle:captain vance (from the leak) Right:conscript medic variant


Hand comparision. The new conscripts have better, correctly colored hands.


Conscript medic trying to do his job.


Good job.

Oh look, a release.

Nice models. Only quirks are the usage of the Valve skeleton that is not very flexible, and the black guys having white fingers, but hey, they’re only minor faults. Like Trek said, nice to finally see some fruit coming out of the modelling subforum.

Unless I uploaded the wrong version, the black guys SHOULD have black fingers. Not only did I head hack, but I hand hacked too. I just added a picture to show it.
I also messed with the belt mesh a little, I tried to make it not go inside the flack jacket until the back of the model.

Ah, I’m sorry for being mistaken then.

Its fine, I should’ve uploaded a picture in the first place. Thank you for reminding me :slight_smile:

these would be really badass if they had some better textures. but as it stands, these are simply pretty damn badass. so nice job.

I always liked the conscript model, but as said above, the textures could’ve been updated just a tad. Otherwise I like it, it’s shame there isn’t more modeling work done on the beta concepts, every once in a while something like this will come along but that’s about it.

I wouldn’t mind some Higher Res textures either, but I’m no skinner. If someone would like to help me, I’ve got several leak related models that could use a new coat of paint.