Half-Life 2 Leak Props: Complete

So I’ve had a bit of time on my hands and I’ve ported around 90% of all the props in the 2003 Half-Life 2 leak.

Since some people would rather hold on to their precious fixed models from 11 years ago, I thought I’d go and make my own ports and release them.

This pack contains around 950 models. They are ready for use in both Gmod and/or mapping.


I want everyone to be able to enjoy these props. Feel free to use them in your mod, map, game, or whatever you plan to do with them.



Mirror 1 - Mediafire

Uncompressed, the pack is about 250mb.

Thanks, these will definitely come in handy.

Neat. These will be useful.

Sweet! Brings back some nostalgia.

Thank god, dunno’ why but i thought it was gonna occupy like 1GB of space… This’ll be pretty useful, awesome

Awesome, I’m always looking for more props to use in map-making, I’ll give this a download!

Used them to make this, thanks.


In addition to just having all these props in bulk, I did go and fix gibs and get the correct props to be breakable/explosive.

The following models explode similar to the explosive barrel in hl2:


And if you’re using the gmod release:

For both versions the breenbust and couch model have three seperate skins.

I’ll try to post any other useful bits about the props as soon as I remember them all.

The gmod release on the workshop will always remain the most up-to-date, but I will try to upload to other sites once I hit a milestone update.

I’m getting a CTD while generating spawn icons, seems to happen after the first few.

e: Nevermind, it redownloaded when I started gmod and didn’t crash this time.

Do these models have the same filenames and file structure as in the leak? Also do they have the correct rotation/physics/mass?

Filenames/structure yes. Some props may have been condensed into a single prop (skin variants, ect)

Rotation, mostly yes. I believe one or two may be a bit goofy, but nothing too bad.

mass/physics yes. The masses may be off a bit, but gibs and propdata is all set.