Half-life 2 Male Alyx?

Does anybody have a Male model for Alyx? I hate that she’s a girl, and I’m to inexperienced to change it.


Why would you not want an awesomly sexy woman as your partner throughout the game?

'Cause Girl’s are icky.

Actually, I’m curious to know why you want a conversion.

I mean, c’mon its freaking ALYX!


No seriously, I’m confused.

Imagine Barney’s head on Alyx’s body…

How about I don’t and say I did. Oh god :vomit:

This is making me question your age.

You know, sometimes I really question how it’s possible for a who I think pass as an intelligent group of people on these forums seem to miss so much…

Are you, by any chance, still drawing with Crayola coloured pencils?

I really don’t see why everybody likes Alyx. And anyway, a male version would be way better.

Because we’re horny 12-18 year olds and we like women. Serious question: are you bi or gay?

That’s like making Eli white, or the metrocops random members of The Wiggles. Alyx must be a female, as Gordon must have something to stare at while he fights alien oppression.

Wait until you hit puberty, then you’ll know why.

If you seriously want a male alyx, bloocobalt has a hack request thread here:

You can request him to hack a barney head onto alyx.

You’re fucking kidding me, right? It’s a forum. that’s what forums are for. I think you should wait until you’re 13 to use the internet, youngling.

Does this mean you want a man to hug you at the beginning of episode 1?!

(Gordon’s Thoughts) Ah, a soothing female voice to retrieve me from this rubble. How lucky am I?
Barney in a skimpy outift hugs Gordon
Gordon: “WHAT THE FU-”

The universe then implodes, creating in it’s absence a planet inhabited only by Rush, who then conquer the galaxy.

*Barlyx runs across the bridge"

Barney: Go on she’s waiting for you; lucky dog.

Yeah what the fuck is with women in games anyway? It’s fucking sick, all women should be men.


I’m glad you share our opinion :downs:.

Thanks mang :downs: