Half-Life 2 Map Group Project


I wish you the best with this project. Just a couple of pro-tips.

  • If you wan’t to get a mapping collaboration started off, make the first beta with a lot of content, therefore it doesn’t seem like such a overwhelming task and there is a starting line and somewhere to go.

  • If it is a Half Life 2 map, then stick to that theme. Those custom decals on the tram really do not suit the specific theme.

  • Your tram is placed too perfectly, it looks like you have centred it exactly in the middle of them map. Remember the world is not a perfect place, most things are un-even, not symmetrical and broken up.

  • Look to brush up on your mapping before trying to lead a collaboration, such as this one. Make some smaller, much more detailed maps and gain some experience and knowledge from other source mappers, YouTube tutorials and websites such as Interlopers.net.

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yup, i was right

Everybody can add just as little as I did. And I will definately add more later. I need to see how it all unfolds and if there is any interest before I risk wasting my time on a project that ends where it started.

They are not custom, they are part of HL2. The bare metal wall looked boring and kind of unrealistic to me.

I thought the same. But I always start as clean as possible and it’s not clear what this empty street will become. It could be destroyed, it could be perfectly clean and abandoned. See, you wish to place it differently, you could do it and contribute to this map. :slight_smile:

I don’t really lead it. Yes, I put some rules up for the sake of this map but everything else lies in the hands of Facepunch. Oh and I’ve been mapping for four years and I tried a lot of different stuff in that time. I’m definately not perfect but not a newbie either. The only thing that counts so far is the tram.

I like the idea. I was doing some work on Hl2 stuff the other day. Definitely going to contribute.

I stand corrected. I still wouldn’t use them, they don’t fit the theme. Also, if this map gets under-way and I know it’s not going to die, I will contribute.


Did this in like 5 minutes, expanding the building, just made it look generally nicer. I’d do more, but people keep calling me about shit.

The start in collab maps should be more innovative, everyone makes the same mistake by making the start too simple.

(Update) Dev_V1_3

  • Change log -

*Changed VMF name to: “Dev_v1_3” (Update every time you edit.)
*Removed ‘func_precipitation’. (Temporarily).
*Edited left side apartments.
*Changed road and path textures to dev textures. (Temporarily).

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wy4ohhuf5ddbduu

Its gonna be hard, there are so many mappers with so many various styles down here.

Consider it a experiment. After all, that’s what mapping is. Trial and error.

Okay, working on something now.



Just an idea, you guys could set up a Dropbox to make it easier to edit/add map related files.

Cheers for your input. I have set up a Dropbox. Anyone that wants to participate, just give me your email and I will invite you.

That train/bus/thing doesn’t look very similar to the Half-Life 2 style.


I’m liking that building man

Oh yeah. Those missing textures were mine. My fault. It was just supposed to be some sidewalk textures and a small grassy area.

Feel free to replace them. I thought they were Ep2 textures, turns out they weren’t.

Holy fuck. Quite the transition. Where the hell did this come from? :v: How about we scrap the old stuff and start from this? This is a lot better. Also, add me on steam. And yes, as Rowtree said, he made that section of the map.

Starting over? Wasting Rowtree’s work? I don’t know. Do with it what you want.


I don’t mind. I’ve got all my stuff saved.