Half Life 2 maps fullbright in Garry's mod

So I was going to do a bit of posing in the costline maps of HL2 when I noticed this:


Top left part being in Garry’s mod, the bottom right being Half Life 2. Seems like I got myself a mighty big deal of fullbright on my hands, doesn’t it? Any way to fix that?

Mat_fullbright 0 in console.

Gonna try that… If it works, I’m going to feel so stupid for not thinking of it before you.

Happens sometimes if you load up a map that is fullbright and then load up another non-fullbright map because it then knocks mat_fullbright to 1 instead of it’s default of 0 and fails to reset when you change map.

I agree with killermon, also what view model is that? :dance:

Really great pack. Though I advice taking the scopeless SMG. Yes, it will look a lot like your AR, but if you don’t, it’ll take up half the screen!

Thanks. And good luck with the fullbright if you haven’t already fixed it.

It fixed itself at random, then breaks at random. Odd.

I think some one explained that a few posts above.

Playing a fullbright map, then playing a lit map makes the Source engine kinda crap out and retain the fullbright settings from when you played the fullbright map. A simple “mat_fullbright 0” fixes this.

i’ve been having the same problem i can’t fix it for the life of me. everytime i enter “mat_fullbright 0” and then check the console it’s still set to 1…you know, i’m ready to grab my mp5 and go into valve headquarters screaming “i’m sorry valve! but you have to be taught a lesson!”…no, i don’t want to go to prison.

I had the same problem. But I didn’t whine and just continued. I don’t think theres a fix for this, atleast. I don’t know how to fix it.

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