Half Life 2 maps on Garrysmod server??

I am running a SRCDS and I was wondering if there is anyway to get HL2 maps to run on my server, or where I can get them. d2_coast_11 to be specific. Thanks

It should already be installed if you have all the source content!(If I remember right!)

They work, but the triggers break, and hititng a mapchange trigger crashes the server (on build anyway)

I know a GMod server that plays through the HL2 EP1 and EP2 stories. I can’t get the details right now but if I remember I’ll post them here and you can see what they’ve done.

Half-Life 2 maps are made to only work on single-player, not multiplayer. So using it wouldn’t be good. Best way to fix it is to strip it with Hammer so it works with multiplayer, but you may want to have a content sever seted up if you want to be sure the map downloads to the clients.

hl2 maps will work fine in multiplayer and singleplayer, I’ve played them in both.