Half Life 2 Model Viewer crashes on startup


I’ve never been able to open the HL2 Model Viewer for as long as I can remember, even after an unrelated operating system re-install.

It just stops responding right after starting :confused:

Running on Win 7 64bit…

Hoping anyone knows how to fix this…



Did you try refreshing the SDK content and resetting the game configurations within the SDK? What game have you selected before you launch Model Viewer?

When selecting Counter-Strike: Source it seems to work fine, but when selecting Half-Life 2 (the one I need), it just crashes.

Optionally I could just copy the content from the GCF that I want to view into the counter strike folder, but I only want to do that as a last resort.

HL2 models are viewable when looking at CSS content. Otherwise, HL2 would be added to the list of required games for mounting Gmod on yer PC.

Ah didn’t even notice this, thanks.

Though it is crashing on startup for portal too, I don’t need it for Portal (yet) but do you have any idea how to fix it?

Have you tried playing each Orange Box engine game once? Even Portal?