Half Life 2 Music Video - The Pyramid Song

This video was made entirely in Garry’s Mod using NPC Control.

Story: A man finds his wife dead and takes his own life.


Download link will be up shortly.

The story is very subtle and some people may not get it.

Nice video man, I like the video effects, did you use sony vegas magic bullet effect?

I liked the filters and the vignetting

After effects magic bullet looks.

'Twas oddly moving…

Absolutely loved this video. Brilliant!

Very good. Nice song choice.

My only two suggestions would be to first remove that whole ‘circular blur’ thing on every shot, it is interesting but I don’t think it contributed to the video in any way.

Also, regarding the end, when the man killed himself by jumping into the water, it can be assumed that he died by drowning, correct? However, when you drown, your body forces you to breathe in underwater, and your lungs fill with water. Therefore, he couldn’t be floating at the top unless his lungs had air in them. He would only be floating if he had have shot himself in the head or heart.

Fantastic video though, 4/5