Half Life 2 NPC Damage

I was sick and tired and getting npcs killed in a SINGLE damn headshot so i made this to revert them back to half life 2’s Normal difficulty standard.


Wow, well that helps with NPC wars then. :v:
+ 1 Wrench


Nice! But one question, why was the damage changed in the first place?

Because garry was smoking to much pot :downs:

Do they actually aim or are they still drunk?


i take it in my mod collection.

You need to grab an npc profiency tool for that

what would you mean by zis?

I mean look for a “Profiency” script.

Its the function name used for npcs accuracy.

yep , an easy way for valve to make those difficulties feel different.
Can be accessed by lua by this awesome nifty addon

(damn i cant find the tool up there on gmod.org)


BTW headshots are supposed to damage one’s brain as to the point where he DIES.
here is hope this aint installed on your server makign these dod weapons less-than-useful

Combines wear head armor and I wouldn’t be surprised if the necessity of their head would have been toned down in the process of creating the combine.

You Deserve a medal for having common sense :3

sometimes i cant kill npc’s shooting in head ;/