Half-Life 2 pistol spent cartridge casings

I have been searching for a while to see if theres a download link for it but I havn’t found any.
When you shoot with the pistol no casings come out like they do with the smg was wondering if somone could make it work or post the download link if there is one.

http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/USP_Match on this it says it’s a bug in the game
“When the Pistol is fired by the player, no spent cartridge casings are ejected. This is a bug, as when the pistol is fired by an NPC, it ejects a shell.”

Can also see it well here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjoUxEIIn10 at 2:49



no problem

Does this work with Garry’s MOD as well? Or just Half Life 2?

Works with both


This does look interesting, I shall have to test this out ^^

Is there a skin for Garry’s MOD, HL2:Deathmatch, etc… for the .357 that ejects six shells like it does in the campaign?

If you mean each time you fire it… no thats not how revolvers work…

if you mean once the six shots are fired and you reload… it already does that…

No, not each time it fires, after six shots, you reload, then six shell casings are ejected and land on the earth, then disappear. Is there a fix for that?

If you mean the shell models on the ground… those are made to do that… otherwise you’d have loads of bullet casings sitting around… So i doubt it…

You’d need to alter the base code for that, to alter it on the original, so thats not doable. However i’m sure someone could figure out how to do it in a SWEP like with the Realistic Minigun (i’ve filled maps with the casings that come out of that thing @.@:wink:

Well, I mean that the shell casings disappear like they do with the SMG, shotgun, etc…

To Silver Spirit:
Oh, okay thanks. I’ll keep searching. If I don’t get any results, I might request it.