Half life 2 Realistic Shotgun

So i was just checking out Model viewer one day, and i saw that the Pump animation was seperate from the firing animation, just like Sin’s Scattergun. so i decided to make this.

Primary = Fire
Secondary = Pump
Reload = DUR! Reload

After you fire you have to hit secondary fire to pump the shotgun before you can fire again. Was just a little project i made so i figured i would release it for anyone who was looking for this kinda thing.

Gmod.Org Download:


Solid Files Download:



Hm, interesting, will check it out.

O.O ur working faster than i thought



Replaces the original Shotgun? ;o

Of course not lol.

Can you pump all the shells out of the gun with out fireing it? Im just asking.


Lol. i might actually make that possible. just for people who cant do anything with common sense, alt fire can be done anytime and it sets self.cocked to true but it also minuses 1 from your current clip, Sound like a plan?

:open_mouth: Lol

That sounds just like how the pump-action shotguns work in the remake of Zombie Master.
I’ll try it out after I reinstall the custom content on my Gmod.

If someone made a shotgun with an action release (on the use key I suppose) with a seperate button also for pumping I would be so happy.

Yes, except more fun since you’re not going to be in as much of a hurry. (zombies being a one hit kill and all)


‘Da Big Man’, use words.

He’s referring to the fact that a shotgun uses shells, not ‘clips’ (and even then, more guns use magazines).

Im referring to a lua refrence… Get some reading skills huh?

wizey, could your code be used on any css skined pumpshotgun

More accurately, most shotguns have an internal tube magazine.