Half-Life 2 Realistic Weapons V2! OFFICIAL REALEASE

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After release delays and connection errors…
the OFFICIAL RELEASE of my Half-Life 2 Realistic weapons v2 is here!

Half-Life 2 Realistic Weapons VERSION 2
WORSHIPPERS base was intensely modified into a suitable base;

                                                                              ***No redistribution/re-uploading would be appreciated!***

—Additions and Fixes:—

Added: Run angles to the weapon, so you cant fire while running
Added: IDLE ANIMATIONS (minor animations on melee, rpg, and grenades)
Fixed: FOV’s on everything to an equal amount of the actual HL2 Weapons
Fixed: Mp7 Rate of fire & accuracy
Fixed: Iron sights on shotgun, Annabelle
Added: New weapons & models
Added: New Melee weapons (Throwable & Iron Sights :D)


Ice Axe
Stun Stick
9mm USP
.357 Magnum
MP5 (smg1)
Mosin Nagant
Pulse Rifle
Heavy Machine Gun
Spas 12
Sonic Rifle
Rocket Launcher
AK-47 (ar1)
Administration Weapon :smiley:

===Known Problems===

-The idle animation sometimes runs over reload animations (Just an aesthetic issue)
-The idle animations send a console error after holstering (Not a relevant problem)






Garrysmod.com article: http://www.garrysmod.com/news/?p=6148

Comments? Questions? Bugs not mentioned? POST THEM!
I want to know!

Looks fun, I will try it out. :]

I’m interested on this, could you PM me with full information about your release? You could already guess why (if not, I am looking for some newsworthy).

Yeah alright

Will definately try this out.

I loved the anabelle and OICW.

Nova prospekt. I hope you do a v3 with alot more weapons:D

but can you please change Alyxgun model to this one? http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/68648


There are 4 problems with that request;

  1. The ratings on the model are poorer than would be accepted
  2. The model quality, relative to the current model, looks cheap and thicker
  3. The model is a replacement of V_pistol, thus I would need to hex it ( somthing I dont know how to do )
  4. It’s protected by a creative lisence that would require me to get permission from the creator, with a possible yes
    o awnser anwser.

( This is the creative lisence --> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ )

I general, its easer to use a pre-exsisting hexed model of decent quality, than to have to hex a chunky, poorly rated, creative lisenced, permission requireing, model.

I appreciate the feed back though :slight_smile:


But what with the shotgun sounds at alyxgun folder in sounds? You will be able to transform it into a shotgun? like seen in some alyxgun screenshots.

you don’t see that good but the model is from Hl2 Capture the flag the model is great. and can transform into a smg. Would you do THAT?

((supposed to be Smg transform not shotgun my bad))

If I can get my hands on that model, I’ll make that alyxgun able to transform into all that shit.
Just need to get that model…

EDIT: Easier than I thought! I have the HL2:CTF Model
Already reforming my alyxgun swep to the animations :smiley:

awsome mate:D i cant wait for v3


Rocket launcher do NO damage apprently. On NONE npcs at all…

Whats the progress Nova prospekt?

On Monday, October 12th, 2009: Version 3 is 20% ready
In progress:

Re-forming the Alyxgun to use the HL2:CTF animations.
The new model dosent use anything like “ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK”
It uses weird strings like; “ACT_HL2CTF_ALYXGUN_PRIMARYATTACK_SMG”
Makes up for 35% of the missing progress and 10% of the existing progress

Some weapons “burst fire” modes were inccorectly called.
A new base or modifications to existing bases will be made to make burst generaly more simple to have
Makes up for 20% of the missing progress

Certain features and luxuries will be made to the base.
These will make it easier for people to modify the base to their own preferences
Select and Kill icons will become seperate for functionality, and preformance
2 new weapons will be added, the MSG 90 (low quality, autosniper), and wrench(you can probly guess)
Makes up for 65% of the missing progess and 10% of the existing progress

I wonder what you improved on this version. Last version there was a error annebelle.

If your settings don’t allow PMs to be sent toYOU, dont send them to ME. (calle7112)

Please just post here, or change your settings, accordingly.

Have you tried it?
Cause yeah…
I fixed that.

Can You Fix The Annable Quality And The Ar2’s Semi Auto Fire Cause Semi-Auto
Shoots Like A Fricking Minigun!

I dont like the crowbar acting like a CSS realistic knife…
nor the iceaxe…
other than that t’is a good addon…
(not that i dont enjoy pwning a combine with mah sniper crowbar its just not realistic…)
ill still mcdl

So, by idle animations, I’m assuming you mean with the view model?

I would like to see some world model Idle animations, like with NPCs, if that’s possible.

Make the NPCs be able to use them.

That post seems very silly to me as most of the weapons in this pack are HL2 weapons which you can spawn NPCs with.

But on topic, this is a good SWEP pack. I’ve always wondered what the HL2 weapons would look like when aiming down the sights.