Half-Life 2 Realistic Weapons V3! - WIP

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[release]Half-Life 2 Realistic Weapons VERSION 3
An uncomplete RELEASE!
Percent Done: 100%



** New features and Fixes! **
-Fix: Idling
-Fix: Burst fire mode fixes
-New: Spawn Menu Icons
-New: Weapons/Models
-Fix: Weapon Stats ( some were calculated wrong or from a diffrent version)

Ice Axe (Beta Model)
Stun Stick

–Hand Guns–
9mm USP
Colt m1911
9mm 92f
Glock 17 (BMS Model)
.357 Magnum
.50c Desert Eagle
Dual USPs

–Sub Machine Guns–
MP5k (Beta Model)
MP5 GL (SMOD Model)
MP5 (BMS Model)
Alyxgun (old version)
Grease Gun (SMOD Model)

–Assault Rifles–
AK-47 (BETA Model
AK-47 (SMOD Model)
O.I.C.W. (BETA Model)
O.I.C.W. (HL2CTF Model)
Pulse Rifle

–Shot Guns–
Spas 12
Spas 12 (BMS Model)
Tactical M3

Combine Sniper
Sniper Rifle (BETA Model)
Sniper Rifle (HL2CTF Model)
Mosin Nagant
MSG 90
Kar98 (SMOD Model)

–Heavy Weapons–
Heavy Machine Gun (Beta Model)
Rocket Launcher
Administration Weapon (Bang Bang BANG!)
MK3A2 Grenades
Mini-Gun (SMOD Model)

Pictures :v:

** Older Versions**

V2 Release Thread


Comments? Questions? Hype? Feed back from V2? Models I should add?

I want to hear it!

/ ( I like how V1 has 0 dumb ratings, but for some reason, the better versions get dumb ratings) /

Please, PLEASE post WIPs in the Lua section, not the Releases one!

Why do you have two threads with the same content :argh:

I get what your saying; That didnt occure to me :X

**The content of this thread has been changed over time.

Those are now invalid! :v:

People won’t care about your thread if you post it up with nothing good, nor do they care if you’re lazy. Should’ve posted it when you actually had something to show other than old junk everyone’s already seen, because you’ve probably lost a lot of downloads.

I mainly did this in an attempt to revert the nagging about V3 from the V2 offical release thread.

I cant filter the relevant info about problems and reviews of V2 if all I see is;
“Whats going to be in V3” and “Add this model in v3

A major update was made that might be Interesting for some people.

Read through the opening again, and if you have a model you want put in the pack-
Give me a link to a download.

I love you.

This thread is too good to die.
It deserves to live.


Is this really that hard to make? Seriously, they’re just a bunch of “realistic” guns, shouldn’t be too hard to do.

No its not, its just that when you are creating custom codes for things not standard in realistic, Most notable Idle animations which require some testing from another person with flimsy reports and tinkering based on that, it takes a while, I’m also gathering resources needed to make the SWEPS complete. Sounds, Select Icons, and general aesthetics.

]Oh yeah, that and,[sp] I have a life. [/sp]

Still, should not be that hard. Idle animations are in the model, and it’s just like 3 lines of code in the function “think”. Also, i understand that you have a “life” but these are easy to do, not that long to make as well.

I’d actually like to see those 3 lines of think :stuck_out_tongue:

My idle code is about 5 lines in a custom function, and its a [0i]bit imperfect*, But I had to rewrite\rethink the whole thing after making another version that was too complicated and at times un-controllable.

That and still [sp]I have a life [/sp]

function SWEP:Think()

if self.Idle and CurTime()>=self.Idle then
self.Idle = nil

There, it works for me most of the time, and i think the base needs to support it or something.

Yeeeeaah… All that code dose is make the weapon idle on its first think, and never again.

Definitely not going to use that.

Wow, pretty late reply.

Newest Newsy News

After almost a hole year in the making and no release date everpredicted; The recently assessed release date brings the finishing of the V3 pack right around the corner!

I have decided to cut quality to end the project and work on better things :v: (My own swep base, a server, effects, steam groups)

  • The CTF alyxgun has been cut, to much animation bullshit
  • Better methods of idling have been dropped for general complications
  • Most Kill/Select icons will be Royally FUCKED, cut to save time and effort. (They will draw, but they will be mismatched, incorrect, or just letters. But I stopped caring)

On a side note, better quality pictures were added.

I am looking forward to the release

me too havent really used any of the sweps but they look really good

also something surprising if you have a skin for any of the hl2 weapons sweps that use the same model also use the skin so now my ar2 is gonna be a scar

just sayin