Half life 2 replacement requests

I would like to have Mr. Guynumbers’ Fox McCloud as a replacement for Barney in Half Life 2. Don’t worry about the combine mask he wears, It’s only for a few seconds. I think he has the right voice and personality of Barney.

Also, I would like to know if someone is willing to give face posing to to Guynumber’s Renamon model as well. And the ability to close her eyes. Whatever comes first.

Now I know what the majority of you are thinking. “This is a very furry request.” It’s not. I feel that Fox and Renamon are cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. And BEING a cartoonist, I should know.

The links to said models are here…
and here…

This is just a request, I thank you if you attempt to fulfill it.

Edit: To the man who called me dumb, please give me a reason why.

If you can get hold of a decomplied version of the Fox McCloud NPC model, i’d have a go at making him into a Barney replacement (as it is on the source skeleton it should just be a case of putting the right anims in a recompile, if I have this wrong I would be interested to know).

I’ve managed to make Fox into a Barney replacement but it wont replace Barney and when I try and spawn it, I get the normal Barney model :S