Half Life 2 Resistance members

So here are some Half Life 2 themed pictures I made tonight, these are edited ingame. Feel free to edit them if the notion compells you.

*(click thumbnails for full size)
http://xs841.xs.to/xs841/09312/d1_canals_110002569.jpg.xs.jpghttp://xs841.xs.to/xs841/09312/d1_canals_110010889.jpg.xs.jpg http://xs841.xs.to/xs841/09312/d1_canals_110020298.jpg.xs.jpg Here’s an unused picture that didn’t work so much under the context.

And here is a really exciting bonus.

Comments please. =)

1st and 2nd are quite good, i don’t believe that someone afraid to be spotted would smoke tho. The smell could get him spotted.

The 3rd is not that good. Looks like the rebels are not realizing what’s happening.

Also, me wants that shellbox model!

First one is really nicely posed, Third one is a bit odd. That combines Like ‘Hey is this the one I should be throwing?’

This, Moonsorrow, is a man that is not afraid of being spotted. =D

All are well posed, I like the 2nd one espically.

ahaha, yes. =D