Half Life 2 Roleplay Command Help

What exactly are the commands for faction ranks?
I purchased OpenAura + Half Life 2 Roleplay when Kurozael Dropped down the price in December I think. I am just now getting around to putting it on a server. But with that said, What are the commands for OpenAura’s ranking system? I would contact Cloud16 but the support page hangs when I visit it so thats impossible for me right now. And I don’t want to bother Kurozael about this problem when I can just turn to you guys.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I tried to find a command lua file but with no luck.

What do you mean ranking system? If you mean people’s names then that’s all up to you. Not the gamemode.

Open the scoreboard and click on someone’s model icon and it will bring up some options. You can also go in the chat and type /ply and /char for a lot more options.

I mean like:
RCT (Recruit)
10-01 (Ground units)
OfC (Field officer)
SqL (Squad Leader)
DpL (Department Leader)
SeC (Sector Commander)

For metropolice players.
Also, thank you for the fast response.


That’s all for you to do. Just gotta change their name by clicking on their model and then “Set Name”.

Yep, all you gotta do is set their name and change the rank.
Kinda lame and hacky if you ask me.

You bought OpenArua and Half Life 2 Roleplay? Can’t you get both of those free on a website?


I heard they don’t work.

Thanks. Thought there was more too it.

You heard wrong. It works fine if you setup it right.

You don’t need to use the menu by the way, you can just type /charsetname [name] [new name]

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