Half Life 2 Roleplay Help (OpenAura)

I recently got OpenAura thanks to the help of recent posts but when I join the server, The character customization menu does not show. Its just the grey background.
I filled out the mysql.cfg with what I think is my sql (Made it at http://www.freemysql.net)

This is mysql.cfg:
// This is the MySQL configuration file for the OpenAura framework.
// Simply edit the values below and stick to the format of the example.
force mysql_characters_table = characters;
force mysql_players_table = players;
force mysql_username = dokterkodive;
force mysql_password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
force mysql_database = garrysmod101;
force mysql_host = www.freemysql.net;

Seems more like a lua error then a MYSQL issue, in openaura if it has an error connecting to the database, srcds.exe crashes on start up.

Had this issue before, I restarted it over and over and eventually it just started working.

Did you started sv_scriptenforcer 1?

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No I didn’t…Would that help?

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My friend gave me BluePrint. Its not working on that either D:

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How many times did you restart?

You NEED sv_scriptenforcer 1 or else you don’t allow it to connect to the mysql server.

Try that and it will work :slight_smile:

Ok now its saying My server name at the top as well as 17 points…nothing else

Don’t remember exactly, but I do remember that I had a second MySQL database and I alternated between the info each time I restarted, and eventually it connected to the primary database and I never had a problem with it again.

Add me on steam, I’ll try and help you out