Half-life 2 roleplay!

Hello! I was thinking that maybe some one could make a “good” half-life 2 role play game mode. because all i have seen so far is, cake script and taco script. Taco script is hard to get and it’s to big and cake script is to bugged!
So it would be awesome with some half-life 2 game modes!

PS: Please post some link’s here if you know some good half-life role play game modes!

Check the releases section before you post a reply,.

but i am such a nice guy i will give you a link :smiley:


Well, i was asking for a role play game mode, not half-life 2 campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

ow lol sorry

If someone manages to create a good Half Life 2 Role Play gamemode, it will most likely be private. However, you could try looking in the gamemode releases section as I have seen a few mods of cakescript that have fixed many of the bugs and have great features.

Thanks! “thanks rating” coming in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Garrysmod roleplay is dying. We need an actually good server nowadays.

There is a decent public script coming soon, after I’ve finished GlobalRP for SB3 (working on finishing that today)

No Offence philxyz… But you post about your “SeriousRP” gamemode in nearly every thread about gamemodes. Will you hurry up and make a WIP thread instead of posting about it in everyone elses?

No offence intended.

I was quiet about it for months but it’s taking me soo long that now I’m covering my ass in case someone makes something like it before I finish and says I copied.

Then make a WIP thread… people can make something like however they want.

Don’t worry, the Best Half life RP is right here:
Mobius is currently offline for repairs right now though, but it should be back up soon.

(Don’t go on relentless! There admins are Mean, unprofessional and basicaly douchebags.)

Everybody seems to overlook nexus.


Wow. way to bring a thread back from the dead…
Anyway. I agree. Ive been to relentless… Any creative role-play that we can come up with is discouraged and we usually get killed, over and over or held in a room for 3 hours (Not making it up. I was stuck in the apartments for 3 hours. I said fuck this Im done.).