Half Life 2 RP: Mapping Collaboration (Revived)

We are a small group of non-professional source mappers creating a new standard of Half Life 2 Roleplay map, Wishing for it to be used universally throughout the Garrysmod community. We all specialise in our own areas and willingly accept new members. The map will be based around the theme and architectural design of Half Life 2. We plan for the map to have all sorts of buildings and creations, featured in Half Life 2. **Though this thread is new, it is simply a revived thread for the collaboration, which has been going on for around 4 months. Everyone thought it died, because the last post was about 3 months ago. So, instead of bumping, I made a new thread. We had a slight delay, but, are back on board work and are over 50% complete.

“There has been many of these projects before, what’s to say you won’t fail?” - To be honest, there is no guarantee that we will succeed. Mapping takes a huge amount of time and effort and a lot of the time goes wrong. But, it is all trial and error. We will do our best to output a good map to the community. The project has already faced one halt, but we have managed to progress on. And a lot of the map has been completed.

“Eventually something will go something will go horribly wrong, someone will move the whole map off grid, break something or delete everything.” - We currently use Dropbox to store all of our projects files, everything is saved every 5 minutes and there are lots of different versions of the map, not only that, but the files are also backed up on everyone’s computer. Loosing the files is near impossible. We also communicate through Steam to keep everyone informed of news.

“*How long will it take to produce the map?” - *There is currently no ETA on when the map will be released. We work on it everyday to try and complete it. But, if you would like to speed up the process, feel free to join and help.

“*How can I join the collaboration” - *We openly invite anyone to join and it is very simple. You can either post on here, or PM me privately that you would like to join, and specify your Dropbox email. And your account will be synced with the collaborations dropbox in no more than 24 hours. Note: You must have a Dropbox account. We accept anyone with any standard of work and specialisations.

Will the map be public?” - Yes, the map will be publicly released upon completion and you will be able to download it on Garrysmod.org and other sites dedicated to source mapping.

“Images look weird. Lighting is off, things are un-finished!” - Images are all WIP, the lighting is temporary (Though the settings will be night) and the map is really un-finished, it just gives you a slight taster of what’s to come.

All content made with-in the collaboration hence-forth becomes property of the collaboration. If you leave or are removed, you cannot claim rights over it. All content also may not be used in any other projects or maps by anyone else without the express permission of myself.


Current Members**

  • Mr Anonymous
  • Stiffy360
  • WitheredGryphon
  • Doom


  • Johnny Guitar
  • Alizee
  • Sphinxa279
  • Legend286
  • Rowtree
  • Pyth
  • Zack1193
  • Nomad1
  • Demondog
  • cardboardtheory
  • Kane245

There are over 15 ex members from the collaboration, some decided to stop working, some weere kicked out of the Dropbox by accident when I changed it, I do apologise but I lost the list of people. Feel free to PM your name and I will add you to the credits. Or simply ask to rejoin the collaboration.

[H2]All help contributed towards to the collaboration is greatly appreciated. The thread is updated as much as possible.[/H2]

How long have i been out of it

Since we went on hold, I presume.

Yay. You didn’t take pictures of my apartments D:

Aboot time this started, however i lost all mu work so can i be given a different task?

I wanna see pictures of these apartments…

Nah, you don’t. :v:

Also you never included my slums so I’m going to assume it was shit.

Also take me off the Dropbox, the group kept sapping my space on it. But I would like to contribute.

So wait this is still going on? I’m sorry for not adding anymore, I had just assumed it was dead like you said haha. Is there anything I need to know about things, such as dropbox and the like.

Just re-read th OP, yea I suppose I wouldn’t mind rejoining if possible.

To be perfectly honest, it looks like you’re pretty far from being ‘50%’ done.

Most of the buildings are very blocky and set up in a sort of strange and unrealistic way. It reminds me of the way I prototype maps, which I saw valve do on a few MP levels for tf2 for the aesthetic design competitions they held. And that method involves large chunks of unbroken geometry and basic details to buildings so that they can test the playable space and easily make changes to that before going into structural and finer detail with the buildings they have.

Because right now, the only thing your map has in common with the HL2 architecture is that it shares the same textures. I say this because when I first started mapping for hl2 dm I fell in a similar trap, where I would have these brutal looking shapes and buildings without really going into much detail about how I could make them look good. Resulted in a sort of sliding shift of what my initial style was to accommodate the prototype map, rather than the other way around.

If I was working on this project, I would probably just start over because very little of what you show (the canals looks pretty good) makes much sense with what you’re proposed goal for the map is.
I think that if you try to build up the detail from where you are now, it’s going to be much more trouble than it’s worth, and you will end up with something that still doesn’t look quite right.

If you want community help, you should really break down what you want people to do. For example; replicating the tenement buildings you run through in the first level; have people get, or provide reference images of what you want and how you want it to fit. I think you’ll find it will allow people to put a lot more personality into their submissions as well.

Because right now, all I can really say about the map is that the brick making industry must be booming. All the buildings look the same; blocky, angular with blocky pieces inexplicably jutting out of them.

Also, try to avoid the ‘wall of buildings’ effect linear storyline oriented games have as a way of penning players into the playable space. It’s in Half life 2 so the player doesn’t get confused or lost.

But you’re not making a SP level, what you’re doing is more like creating a sandbox. The alleyways and little alcoves between buildings are just as important, and at times even more interesting than just the facade. Not to mention it provides greater definition between one building and the next, so they don’t all just look like a large connected mass.