Half-Life 2 Self Defense Force (Conscripts) thread, [Help wanted]

Sup. Well ever since being captivated by the metropolice v5, I found myself deciding it’s time to start modeling for the source engine. The immediate thing that came to my mind was the severe lack of the cut Conscripts from the Half-Life 2 beta.

According to the wiki, the conscripts were supposed to be the last remaining survivors from all of Earth’s military after the 7 hour war that were all conscripted to do the Combine’s bidding. Sources also indicated that the Conscripts are as low, if not lower, than the Civil Protection units, and thus tentions between the two were at wits end. And they’re also supposed to use what remaining military technology Earth has in the aftermath of the Combine occupation. Whilst its clear that City 17 takes place in a post Soviet country, I’ve decided to give the conscripts a mixture of Russian and NATO equipment.

The project plans to not make the Conscripts suck so bad, so I wanted to start this project to expand the conscript’s horizon by adding vast equipment to them. I wasn’t really satisfied with the current Half-Life 2 beta’s look with them having just a set of OD fatigues and a flak jacket.

What I have planned for the conscripts to have:

Armor: T-72s, T-90s, M1 abrams, Leo2 tanks.
Mech: BRDMs, BTRs, LAVs, and M113 APCs.
Cars: UAZs, Humvees, and buses.
Helicopters: MI-24 hinds, AH-1S cobras, UH-1D Hueys, KA-50 blacksharks, and Eurocopters.
Planes: AV-8B Harriers, SU-25s, SU-32s

Here’s what I’ve managed to make so far.

It’s a start… But it still lacks. I’ve based them of the Israeli Defense Forces and bits of the Soviet Union. I’ve used Rusty’s and Zupadupazupadud’s World In Conflict National Guard as a base for the conscripts I’m skinning.

As I’ve said, I’ve just begun to learn how to skin, hex, and hopefully hack and rig for the Source Engine. I’m whoring myself on tutorial videos. Anyone who’s willing to help with this project can PM me.

Tell me what you guys think so far. C&C

Go more 1980’s IDF.

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I would love to skin for you. if you’d like, ive skinned quite a bit, half a year now. bit so far everyone has liked my skins.

Sounds good. I’ll PM you what I’ve got so far.

angry man is a really good skinner

Looks neat, but as a suggestion, you should try adding a resistance version as well of these, like how there was a resistance Metrocop in the Metropolice v5 pack.

Looks good to me so far, you should add in a thigh holster to the models. Only complaint is that I thought the first Half-Life was set in the 2000s, and this gear appears to be a bit older(Still enjoy the models, just pointing that out.)

Half life 1 was set sometime around 2000, so using older gear than that makes perfect sense, nobody would be mass-producing modern tactical gear if the world is busy being invaded by aliens. if the gulf war still took place in the half life timeline then the gear those models are using could be surplus that found its way over either from US bases in germany.

Same goes for the vehicles, but it makes more sense for them to be using ex-soviet stuff due to how much of it there’s likely to be in post-soviet europe.

I hope you get some more variety going, the idea is great but that tan/green is a really ugly color.

I didn’t necessarily mean have gear produced from 2004 onwards, I meant just some things introduced in the late 90s but you’ve got a good point so I’ll leave it at that. But it’d be neat for some of the gear to be mixed and matched from different countries on the soldiers as well.

wip still, i want to dirty them up, make them more… Conscriptish, add patches, maybe shit written on flak jacket,tears etc.


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used a soviet camo for the flak jacket.

You should switch to an acu style uniform

ACUs replaced BDU uniforms in the early 2000s, so using ACU cut uniforms doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I think skingroups for different camouflage patterns would be a good idea, if they’re just using any military surplus they’re issued by the combine then there’d probably be a lot of variety unless the combine produced uniforms for them.

i agree

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more torn up and tattered though?
im thinking like terminator rebels.

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or the Lebanese army during the genocide

Depends what type of image you’re trying to go for, if they’re working for the combine then i’d imagine their equipment would be worn out and dirty, but not massively torn up.

I had a go at making conscripts a while back using exactly the same models but gave up because they weren’t looking so good.
the vest texture i remade myself because i couldn’t find the high-res version you all seem to be using so as a result it looked like shit. I made the cover-less PASGT helmet texture too, but that wasn’t nearly as shit.

I wouldn’t mind helping out with this, i sit around thinking about what stuff conscripts would have access to in the HL2 world far too much, so i’ve got plenty of ideas. I can model hack, so i’m not saying “PLZ LET ME BE IDEAS GUY” :v:

Do you think they’d repaint their planes though or do we just leave them their default color with a combine insignia?

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Dude, that looks really decent. I would love for you to help with us. Do you think you have hack the helmet and vest model on the female national guard and fix their clipping issue?
I would try it myself but now when i try to do a project, my computer decides to mess up. So now i’m on mobile for the time being.

You should like, not use those models. Use the vietnam model pack instead. Very similar cut uniforms but with a far better mesh and texture.

I hope hacking that flak jacket on and the female citizen heads will be easy.

wow i like that green better than the original

Great do-over of the Conscripts. Also “made” my own conscripts with weld tool

Floater is pretty much an all round jack of all trades and he’s got pretty good knowledge of both military equipment and HL canon.

You’d be making a wise choice to get his help.

Imho their faces should be covered just like metrocop ones are. In a way to protect them from repercussions.