[Half-Life 2] Serious Roleplay Server [LocoGamers]

We recently have created a server based on Kuropixel’s Half-Life 2 gamemode which is run on the Nexus 3 gamemode.

LocoGamers is a community of Garry’s Mod servers. We currently have a few servers. As our aim, we aim to get as many decent roleplayer’s onto the Half-Life 2 server to get a good roleplay server up and running. We also aim to get a good team of MetroPolice Force and City Scanners. If we manage to get our aims, our roleplay server will be like no other.

Our admins take their role very seriously, they do take action if you purposely break rules, but if you break a rule and you didn’t have a clue about it, then we may let you off for the first time. (This isn’t a reason to go around punchwhoring and what not.) Our admins are experienced admins and are willing to help new players that join the server.

If you ever feel you need help on how the gamemode works or even roleplay questions, drop us a thread on www.locogamers.com or PM an admin in game, I’m sure they’re willing to help you.

We currently only have one Half-Life 2 server that is run on the map rp_tb_city45_v02n with 64 slots. We do hope to have more servers soon on different maps etc.



Useful links:
Website : wwwlocogamers.com
Half-Life 2 Roleplay Server IP :
Half-Life 2 Roleplay Server Map : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=18435

Note: The server is new, population might be low but we do aim to increase it.

Any questions? Post a reply. If I don’t reply, drop create a new thread under the support category on the forums.

Hm, I’ll check it out, but you outta make a video for your server. You know, just to give a good idea of how it is and to advertise it.

I’ve always wanted another Half-Life 2 themed roleplay!

And what makes you different from other HL2RP servers?


What makes you unique? If your server is just like every other HL2RP server, nobody will join.