Half-Life 2 Single Player stock map .vmf files?

I can’t seem to find the .vmf files for the Half-Life 2 single player maps. It was to my understanding the .vmfs were shipped with the game. I looked in the mapsrc folder, and it only contained a small number of them, and not the ones I was looking for. I also did a full search of the steamaps folder, and found nothing. Can anyone tell me where to find them? Thanks.

Just decompile the original ones, since Valve didnt release any official vmfs of their official hl2 maps exept the ones shipped with Source SDK

Well, decompiling kind of screws some things up, but if Valve didn’t ship other ones, I guess I’ll have to. Thanks for the info, GoldPlatinum.

In the sourcesdk content folder, theres a handful of vmfs from hl2, and some small examples for entities.

Unfortunatly, not all of them were shipped out. But you can find the trainstation and ravenholm vmf in there.