Half life 2 smg on garry's mod and increase combine soldier accuracy.

The smg in garry’s mod that you get when you spawn is really weak now. It used to have strong/decent power before the update about the shotgun strength. It took about 1 and 1/2 clips of the smg to kill a combine soldier and a zombie. Headshots on combine soldiers and zombies take about half the clip to kill. Please increase smg strength. If increasing smg strength means making the shotgun weaker, then I would rather have a stronger smg than shotgun. I’m sure you guys have noticed how weak the HL2 smg is. Also the combine soldiers have terrible accuracy. Please make their accuracy as good as the rebel’s accuracy. Also one last thing. the hunter chopper (on the combine section) has too much HP. Took about 30 rockets from the rpg to kill the helicopter. Please reduce its HP so it only takes about 3 or 5 rockets to kill. :frowning:

All of that is how it is in Half-Life 2 Single Player.

Which difficulty?