Half-Life 2 suit zoom - VTF reference?

Hey all!

I was just wondering if the Half-Life 2 suit zoom reticule is somehow code based, or if it references to one or more VTF/VMT files to be displayed? I ask because my intention is to make it reference to a transparent vtf, in order to prevent it from showing up. I managed to make the vignette (The part I actually want to keep) disappear by editing “zoom.vmt” in Materials/VGUI, but as previously stated, this is not the desired result.

Just asking in-case anyone else here might know off the top of their head which files or file are/is referenced to, or might know a quick way to find them/it. In the mean time, I will continue to look through source’s shared material caches. Thanks for your time!

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I sorta goofed on the title, I hope it points to the subject clear enough.

Is this supposed to be in the models section?

It’s models/Skins, so figured there would be some people here who knew a thing or two about material editing. Sorry if this isn’t the right place.

Ah I see! Don’t know if this will help, but all I can say is that I think it works like gmod’s camera, with the addition of an overlay on the screen. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m fairly certain you’re correct! Only issue is, I don’t know which material file it’s pointing to, so I can’t replace or edit it in any way. That’s why I’ve come to seek those who might know more on the subject.


Well, on the overlay part, anyway. As mentioned, I have been able to modify a portion of it by making the vignette disappear, so one isn’t to say this is unachievable for the reticule if it follows the same principles. Another problem with that is, I’m not entirely sure it does!

Yes I Agree I’ve Need This Aswell, Support!
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I’ll let you guys know if I find an answer before someone else does! I’m off go ask the guys over at interlopers as well, I know they’ve got some pretty knowledgeable people over there regarding content creation.

So here’s the deal; Apparently Valve took the smart road and stored the reticule inside the Half-Life 2 fonts file. Guess I shoulda figured, it wouldn’t make much sense any other way. Thanks for your time, guys!

Darn, Thanks Though! :slight_smile: