Half-life 2 the korean version with samurai metrocops and dual wielding crowbars

Title says it all


Another version, uneditted, with the guys still having their original masks on


Look out freeman, they might throw their horrendous fetishes at you!


Don’t forget wall running. Crowbars are a bit overblurred but otherwise it’s awesome.

Is that apartment part of some map or is it a scenebuild?

''You think thats hard? THATS JUST THE TUTORIAL LEVEL!

I thought of concentrating the depth of field on the middle dude, crowbars got kind of blurred by it, and the apartment is that second floor in hl2 where you find the drunk civilian and Breen on television givinghis speech

those god damn koreans

Combines look badass as fuck.

That looks bitchin’.

I would so play that.

If you see that metrocops

You are Fu…Oh wait you are Gordon Freeman you can beat them

this is badass

Would look better if you had kept some of the dynamic shadows.

You mean the orange stuff from the 2nd pic?

This is what I was thinking.

Nonetheless, Crazy Knife, this is some awesome shit.

Shit, I’d play it.

This would be enough to make me buy this.

amazingly cool

Psh, no Samurai can outmatch dual-wielded crowbars. Very nice.

Now make me some goddamn crowbar nunchuks.