Half-Life 2:Violator Neutralized

My other screenshots.

Violator violated.

Not bad, gives that suppression feel.

Why you always put “My other Screenshots” in your post?

This is great… but how does the original one look?

Stop linking to your goddamn DeviantART. It’s under your name and if someone wants to click it they will. Or they’ll view your previous threads. It makes you look like an advertising slut.

You’ve problems with that?

Now post one of his previous brilliant works and make us laugh again, please.

Not sure if that’s really necessary as being a complete jerk as Drsalvador is.

Something makes it look almost like CGI, I like it.

Well, it is :v:

I love it. It’s subtle, but very good. Did you make the skin for the CP’s yourself (it looks like a new skin), or is it a skin that’s been floating around for a while?

That is very cool. Looks like a movie kind of thing.

Love them CPs.

you love child porn? oh dear

Noice, loving the lighting.
Now Im a noob when it comes to posing but the cop in the back pointing the pistol at the citizen looks a bit stiff.

Otherwise, as I said, very cool.