Half life 2 WITH gmod menu

Hi, I’m a bit new here I was wondering if a game mode of the half life 2 campaign with the gmod menu (ie: sweps, props, tools) existed. If not, would it be hard to make?
Thank you for your time


Hmm…19 views and not a single opinion…
anyone want to post thoughts on this game mode or at least specify if it’s even possible?
I mean who hasn’t wanted to play through the campaign with friends while building contraptions to kill the combine?

Well, this was pretty much the intent of GMOD versions less than 9.

Just load the Half Life 2 maps in GMOD?

I tought Gmod freezes when you go to a load zone?

It does.

@Gbps, could you please clarify?

Gmod 1 to, I believe, 6 or 7 were based on the HL2 maps, after that, it became it’s own game because of LUA

Lua didn’t really start until Gmod 10. Gmod 8-9 was when it became standalone. Gmods 1-7 were source mods that were meant to be played on hl2 maps.

There was basic Lua in Gmod 9, but IIRC it was all server-side.

Actually, it started with construct and prop spawning buttons on it in version 3. It didn’t have a spawn menu until version 7 or 8. Only the tools replacing the weapons.

What do used to do in gmod 1?

Gmod 1 only had a crossbow which attached ropes to things.

which didn’t even work

It did.

Please, stay on the subject of the Campaign of hl2 for gmod. I was just wondering if any version of this exists for play now or would be it hard to make.

well gmod 1 never really existed technically. The first gmod available to the public was 3 i believe. in 1 though, garry’s own version just had a cross bow that attached ropes to things.


Load hl2 maps. It does NOT freeze. just wait about 10 minutes it’s actually loading the maps. If you do not have hl2 and it freezes well, it’s pretty obvious you need hl2. I play through the campaign alot in gmod. except you can’t play the last few levels because you can’t get the organic gravity gun.

I’ll try this, I do infact have hl2 also wondering does it work with lan games?

well, it works on single player but thats all I’ve tested so far, any possible way to make the loading faster?

I dont think thats there any gamemode like that

You can’t play the HL2 maps as multiplayer because they only have one spawnpoint