Half-life 2D Idea/request

This gamemode idea would essentially be a 2 1/2 D Half-life 2


The gamemode would have a slightly cartoonish approach to HL2, having it’s own campaign to play. It would be for singleplayer or multiplayer. It would be played as a side scrolling game, but is in 3D. It combines elements from HL2, terraria, and Super smash bros. You can jump quite a bit higher, move faster, and solve puzzles. The basic goal of the game is to get to the end of the level, by solving puzzles and fighting enemies.


Movement would be controlled using the A + D keys, and space to jump and ctrl. to crouch. Aiming would be pointing anywhere on the screen, and your character will try to shoot at that location.

The maps will be dedicated side-scrolling maps with 3D elements in the background that can hurt or help you. They would consist of 3 total levels per bsp, getting harder each level, and would have many interior and exterior environments, ranging from spring to winter.

You get money from killing enemies which can use in a shop where you can purchase weapons and ammo, as well as other items (such as hats) These items would not be permanent and would reset after disconnecting or quitting, but are cheap enough to purchase quickly. Your money, however, would be tied to you.

Final comments

I’ll admit one thing, I CANNOT CODE JACK, but if someone is willing to do this, I’d love to make the maps for it.


(Crappy concept)

I think it has potential but you’re gonna need to be more then an ideas guy

He offered to map for it, however he didn’t provide any samples of his mapping abilities.

It’s a decent idea, however you can’t just come in here and expect someone to make it for you. What exactly are you offering?

He is simply throwing out an idea that he would think would be a fun gamemode, it’s here for any decent LUA coder wanting to work on something new

Ascensions code… You need to study the code but I dunno if that gamemode even exists for GM

If you want samples check out my profile, and that pic below was a map that I made for this “gamemode” as a test.

This could be a fun gamemode.

Ehh i give it a thumbs up, one of the best parts of gmod is how versatile it is.

I kinda like this idea, I would like to defiantly try this out some time.

I’d love to see this come out, and I would be more than happy to make maps specific to the gamemode. If someone is willing to contribute, I’ll help in any way I can. :smiley:

Yeah I would want to contribute too, but for now I’m a little useless rather then just testing stuff.

I started making some sort of HL2:2D thing at some point which looks a lot like this. I’ll see if I can find the code. If there are mappers interested in this then could go somewhere.

That could be very cool if it does work out. I can maybe see about fetching some other mappers to help :smiley:

Could you send me the map so I can do testing please?

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Shame the cursor is missing but you get the idea.


Looks pretty cool. I’ll start working on a test map

Nice, hmm I may know a few people (also myself) who can map something for this too. I’ll try something out.

Sweet baby black Jesus Metal Slug X style HL2 gamemode YES

What I’ve always wanted to do is something I’ve always referred to as G-Mod Retro. I’ve had the idea for a few years, and basically it recreates all of the video game elements in a 2-1/2D world. It’s multiplayer co-op and you can grab crazy things like Mario-esque fireballs, Metriod like weaponry, Megaman like weaponry, or hell - none. Enemies follow suit - you could have goomba-like enemies or Sonic like enemies. Maybe there’s different gamemodes within the gamemode like Deathmatch, Co-op, or whatever. It depends.

There would be plenty of entities for mappers to utilize when mapping so the way the gamemode could be played could be endless and with endless combination of classic video game elements.

I think I’ll be sticking to a more HL2 themed approach. There’s so much content in the HL2 universe and it’s hardly ever used.

I’ve also coded the camera stuff so it can work at any rotation. Mappers will be able to create proper 3d worlds and place entities to rotate the camera around for puzzles or whatever.

I was working on a gamemode in this sort of style a while back:





Fully customizable weaponry, side scrolling action, bullet ‘physics’ (if you can call them that), gmod kept breaking it, so I took a break, I may get back into it soon :smiley:


Keep in mind, all of these screenshots are rather dated, and the gamemode doesn’t necessarily look exactly how it looks in the screenshots, I have (or atleast had) a test server up for it, I’d make it public, but I’ll have to restrict the weapon creator a little, as it’s possible to make guns that shoot 999 bullet ETC…!

Leveling (the yellow EXP bar etc), a shop to buy / sell weapons (weapons are persistent across level changes etc), loads of features :smiley:

Oh, and it’s called 2DM (Which either stands for 2D Madness, or 2D Death Match, undecided yet)