Half-Life Alyx textures in Hammer?

I remember mapping for Garry’s Mod, there was a way to get both Half Life and Counter Strike textures to be used in your maps. Does s&box already use Half Life Alyx textures, or would there have to be a way to port them over yourself? Very excited to start using hammer again, I would like to create some maps for TTT reborn. #32 in the queue atm but it’s going pretty slow haha

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  1. S&Box does not come with hl:a textures
  2. Importing textures is easy (and models)

S&Box comes with custom ones made by facepunch.
The ruest assets are placeholders

You will have to use your own textures at the moment. So you will have to learn how to Import textures through the Material Editor.

Here’s some free textures:
PBR Textures:



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Wow, thanks a ton. Bookmarking this for when (or if) the queue speeds up a bit. Very helpful :slight_smile:

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