Half life FPS banana skins.

Hi all! I’d like to know if it would be possible to port those models from gamebanana (originally it was for HL:S or Opposing force i don’t remember) to garry’s mod? It would be very great!!!

Thanks a lot!

That skin is for Opposing Force, which runs on the GldSource engine to my knowledge. There is a tutorial here that will show you that it’s possible to port from the GldSource engine to Source, and how to port something from GldSource into Source. It’s up to you (or whoever assists you) to compile it for GMod.

Well, when you download it, and see in the rar archive, there are only .mdl files. Maybe i dunno enought about half life models, but isn’t it a model?

The .mdl files in the archive are all models. From what I’ve noticed, the .mdl format is a common format to see amongst GldSource and Source games (and some other games as well).

from my knowledge, you need to de-compile the models or something of that sort, ask Shotgunguy on the Goldsrc to Source thread

Damn, i’m such a noob x(

Here it go, talk to him -