Half Life, Garrys Mod, and the future of the Source Engine.

Half Life, Garrys Mod, and the future of the Source Engine.


08-25-2017 2:05 AM

That was the day when all hope for half life died. The great game that we all play, even to this day. Extinguished. We must remember that garrys mod is half life 2. We play HL2 everyday. The engine, the game, the maps, the experience.

We are half life fans, and sadly, there seems to be no future for our community. We cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a single day, the hope and dreams of all half-life fans was crushed.

We are a small croud today, we werent as big as we used to be. Most kids today dont even know what hl is…

There is no source 2 for garrys mod, there is no future. Its only a matter of time till Garrys mod will be forgotten as well. And with it, the dreams and accomplishments we all as a gmod community have accomplished.

We are nearing the end.

If the rise and fall of gaming communities have taught us anything, it’s that they never just die. Even if the golden age of a game/engine/community passes and it is “replaced” for all intensive purposes, there is always some small collective of people who keep it alive. Many times, revivalist movements, or the analogue of such when creating an allegory to the cycle of the empire or the modern revolution, will occur every few years due to some sporadic mark of exposure that brings the community back into the underground scene, if not the mainstream. Examples of this can be seen in, but not limited to, old-school FPSes – DOOM, QuakeWorld, and Unreal Tournament; fighting games – old Street Fighter, Tekken, and SSB Melee (and even 64 to an extent); and even Source games themselves – CS 1.6, HL:DM, and Garry’s Mod (YouTube gameplay exposure).

The notion that the days of Source are numbered is may be correct when holding it up to Valve’s vision for the future, but from my experience, the community surrounding the engine has rarely considered that a crucial priority. To say “we are nearing an end” is just outright deceitful.

Why the fuck do people make so much drama out of that story. Valve themselves never said there will not be a HL3. It’s not like they can’t write an entirely new storyline. Stop being retarded

but I can say gmod is kinda stuck in somewhere. There should be some kind of big engine change and other stuffs to carry on.

Facepunch team are working on a S&box ( Which is still a protoype, and may Hopefully eventually end up as a proper Gmod successor. ), And even when that get eventually ( I hope ) get released, I don’t belive Garry’s mod will die out.

Just look on some other games, we have GTA V with GTA Online, and people still play GTA SAMP ( A thrid party San Andreas Multiplayer ) and in really high numbers! So that said, there is always hope. Keep in mind also how long people waited for Duke Nukem forever, if tho it was medicore, it did came out after all those years. Tl;dr - Gmod won’t die out, there should be HL3 eventually.

If S&Box is presented as a “GMod 2” or something, people might just upgrade if it’s as reasonably priced as GMod is (and always has been tbh)

As long as the more popular gamemodes (sans dark rp) are ported to S&Box I’d imagine the playbase might move over too. But GMod will definitely never die out.

source is a pretty neat engine if you know how to use it, I find it much more malleable for making prototypes than unity and much more expandable to add new features than UE4

For someone like you Sam. :frowning:

Now that you mention this I actually really hope the gmod community doesn’t move over to S&box.~ I dont want to see 50 different roleplay gamemodes like FurryRP, FnafRP, PonyRP etc.

And since its using UE4 the limitations will be like, uhm… way less so there wont be any projects that become impossible due to engine limitations anymore.

I’ve fucked around with gmod for a few years now, was always a fan of anything with Unreal in the name (grew up playing UT99, 04 (or 14?), and 3), and I’ve seen how amazing UE4 can look (tech demos), and I play the newest UT, but how nice is the new engine? It runs on C++, yea?

the source engine has no future. valve’s terrible updates and broken tools and “we don’t give a fuck” attitude toward everyone have made sure of that. just about every modder i’ve seen fucking hates source on both a graphical and ease of work level. it fights you making maps, it fights you while coding, it is unforgivably slow and messy to import new assets into

and on a graphical level source was made obsolete the moment unreal engine 3 released, and source to this day still does not support basic graphical features like ambient occlusion or fxaa or pbr. you harm yourself as an artist working on source because you are forced to use obsolete methods and techniques just to make assets look decent

It shouldn’t have a future, its a game engine from 2004 with a ton of duct tape and makeup applied later on to make it look better
if valve were a gaming company they would likely have had source 2 out by 2012 but they were more interested in sitting on top of steam and farming that easy zero effort cashflow from hats, skins and sales cuts
I can’t really blame them for loving low input high yield cash sources but i do wish they’d tied up a few more loose ends before leaving the game dev industry

Well, I think they’re rather focusing more on VR right now…
Or were, at least.

May I direct everyone in this thread’s attention to: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1577602

Not on Source.

Yes, but people are talking about the future of source when there is no future to be had. It’s an outdated engine and there are already engines out there that surpass source in all of it’s aspects.

What is your point here? Everyone knows that Source is an outdated engine put together with duct tape, but everyone already knows Valve may still be developing Source 2, not to come out any time soon tho. And everyone also knows as well that UE and Unity may be currently better for game developing than source as well, so I don’t really get what you’re trying to discuss here. After all, it’s an engine and people can use it whenever they can or want.

ue4 and even fucking unity are far and fucking away superior to source in every possible way. not just graphically but in having workflows that aren’t complete fucking insanity

working with source in the year of 2017 is foolish as best and completely fucking self destructive at worst. you are actively choosing to work on an engine that was obsolete a decade ago, and in doing so harm your skills you would gain developing on a modern fucking engine and you lower your chances of being hired by an actual fucking game developer. there is not a single good fucking reason source should be touched in any fucking capacity. period

Have you ever tried smoking marijuana?

Chill fam, even if source is getting obsolete, I would argue trying to work in unity would harm “developing your skills” even more. It’s been a while since I used it, but does it still have GUI starting from the bottom left, and 3d with Y as the “up” axis? Source, for all it’s faults, was made by people that expect you to know how computers work, and follows a lot of conventions from math. If you don’t know it already, by god you will learn it. Unity tries to magic a lot of things away from you, and while it’s nice to be able to prototype a game in a weekend, it gets painful for anything large. Unity, and ue4 to a lesser seems to be focused on “Get your product out” instead of “Make a good product”. For example, I found something in a AAA title a little while ago that really should have been caught by an automated test somewhere:


I don’t want to go on a long rant, but I really think this attitude of “We have more memory and cpu cycles! We don’t have to do things the Hard Way™ anymore!” is going to hurt the computing industry down the road.