HALF-LIFE in third person.

Just some models I’ve been fooling around with along with the camera. Models are from the Black Mesa Humans and Monsters pack. Map is from HALF-LIFE: Source. I might do some more of these, don’t know yet.


I remember those days.
Dam you black mesa!!!

Blood on the wall is blurry as hell.

Unintentional spelling mistake or elaborate joke?

Half-life 1 blood I presume…

Wait… Don’t you know what Black Mesa is?.. REALLY?
And you’re playing Garry’s mod, fondling around with the HL2 characters and shit…

I was referring to the fact that he used the word “dam”, and one of Black Mesa’s most stunning features is in fact its hydroelectric dam. This would have been humorous if you hadn’t made me explain it.

I think it was an unintentional spelling mistake…

Nope, talk’in bout that epic dam.

“Welcome to Black Mesa, where our motto is…Dam it.”

You are an idiot.

I’m glad you told us that; there’s no way we would’ve worked it out ourselves. Thank you, forums poster AaronM202, for you have made us all more knowledgeable today.