Half Life not showing up under source engine 2009

I am trying to open hammer editor for half life 2 episode 2, however, it is not showing up under the “source engine 2007” engine version… what do I do??

… What are you asking?
You say 2009 in the title, and 2007 in the post.

I meant 2007, sorry for the confusion


Hammer is insisting on not working for me… I get Half Life 2: Episode 2 to show up under Source 2007, open it up, and none of the viewports are working. They are all black, and there is no grid. The grid is enabled, the camera is in the right spot, zoom is fine, and yet its still totally fucked up



From what I know, Source 2007 doesn’t work.
2009 is the only one that does.

well, episode 2 doesn’t show up on my source engine 2009 list… and I have no idea how to add it manually at all

Maybe take a look at the other 300 threads on this problem?

Almost every one has the solution or a link to a post/thread with a solution.

Just a suggestion though.

its under 2006

Half life 2 episode 2 is on the source engine 2009.


Switch the engine to source engine 2009. Press Edit Game Configurations.

Make the name: Half-Life 2: Episode two
Make the path: Steam\steamapps\Username\half-life 2 episode two\ep2
Then mount your Fgd’s for the game. (Base and hl2)

Thank you!

I’m really sorry that I didn’t notice any of the other threads on the topic too, I was in a hurry and I apologize :frowning: