Half-Life PS2 SD Playermodels

I’m pretty sure nobody will do it, but I’ll try.
I want someone to convert these Half-Life Source playermodels http://www.gamebanana.com/skins/78719
to an actual working Gmod Valve skeleton. Doesnt need to turn it on a NPC or playermodel as I know how to do this. I just want the bones.
Then you ask me: Have you tried do it yourself? And i asnwer - Yes, and I failed.
I’ve read a lot of tutorials and stuff but I’m still not doing this. I’ll keep trying, maybe someday I figure it out.
And what I want with this models?
I’m pretending to make a good quality Machinima. Also, It’s good for the lack of a good quality HL Mark IV playermodel/Npcs around.


We’re not using those specific models, but it’s being worked on.

It’s gonna be on the GoldSource SVN? I’m working on some fixes for Silverlan’s HLSR as you can see in that topic. Some based on the SVN stuff. It’s a long time I dont update the topic but I’ve made a great progress. Also, I’ve made some progress on Modelling. I’ve sucefully removed a bag from Shephard’s leg and turned into a playermodel. Not so great, but that’s a way to begin.

They will be on the SVN and uploaded to www.garrysmod.org when completed.
We will eventually fix our models to work with HLR, he gave us his original qc files so we can make it compatible.