Half-Life Renaissance: Reconstructed don't recognising SLV Base?


Download now!

The new version fixes all current problems:
You need v1.5 of my SLVBase addon for it to work:*

It’s been a while I used Garry’s Mod for the last time. Some minor updates have been launched in this meantime. Looks like one of them screwed up Silverlan’s Half-Life Renaissance addon.
In fact, it runs fine but Garry’s Mod seens to find inexistent********** problems, like some random Lua errors showing up when nothing seens to be wrong.

But the worst of all is this one:

The weird part is that everything seens to be working BESIDES the NPCs SPAWN SELECTION. It doesnt show Half-Life Renaissance NPCs on that Menu, but when you spawn a Half-Life Source NPC it comes up with it’s HLR counterpart.
Example: there’s Gmod Stock Half-Life:Source Alien Grunt - but when you spawn it, he is the one from Half-Life Renaissance addon.

So the point is: The rest of the NPCs are not showing up on the menu.

Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?


I get this too.

i messaged silverlan (the creator) and he said its the latest gmod update broke it. forever. but i dont believe it

Well, In fact it doesnt look that complicated to fix since everything but the NPCs showing in the menu is working propertly.
I might take a look, but I’m not a Lua Master.
I hate when these updates screw up everythin…damn!

if you could fix it it would be great! :dance:

The new version fixes all current problems:

You need v1.5 of my SLVBase addon for it to work:

Even after downloading v1.5 the NPCs still show up as errors.
I know that I extracted everything properly, including SLVBase v1.5.
And yes, I deleted dans snpc pack.
What could I be doing wrong?

Awesome, thanks man. Much appreciated.

  1. Did you download and install version 1.5 of SLVBase AND HLR 1.5?
  2. Did you uninstall the old versions before installing the new ones?

If the creator does not want to fix it, don’t bother asking him unless you know Lua yourself.

Also, I miss the bad spelling rating.

That’s perfect!
It’s working propertly now!

But also, with a lot of bug fixes!
I just LOVED the new Explosions and the new Combine Assassin AI. That’s SO amazing!
There’s much more fixed too, like Displacer Cannon and much more…

Thanks a lot, master! You rules!

yes!!! thank you so much!! and i see you added sin episodes npc’s!!! you GOD of GMOD!!! thank you so much!!! i waiting for the aftermatch gamemode!

Yes i did, to both. i don’t understand what could possibly be wrong.

It was loads of fun beta testing these in my server with you.

Good times

try to reinstall gmod… and don’t install some other mods\addons!! try to install this first!

I was wondering what happened to this pack, glad to see it working again. Thanks SilverIan!

YES!!! its fixed thanks silverlan:rock:, and i thought you sed that its broken for ever

since its working now you should also update the old post :words:

IIRC the thread was locked a while ago on account of it being bumped constantly.

i tried installing this and it didnt work… it wouldent show on my gmod game… do i put all of the slv base files in addons? or in the named files?
will you help?

Never mind, it was actually his mistake.