Half life Renaissance Reconstructed npc problems

I recently download the Half Life Renaissance Reconstructed pack for Garry’s Mod 10 on Mac OS X. After multiple attempts at getting the pack to load correctly, I got it to work, but with a small problem. The npcs won’t move (except the icthyosaurs, archers, and the stukabat when it is flying).
I know that I installed everything correctly INCLUDING THE SLVBASE into the correct garrysmod folders and yet the npcs still won’t move.
Reinstalling the pack didn’t work and reinstalling Gmod didn’t work either and I got rid of every other addon that I had to check and see if was an incompatibility problem which still didn’t work. :frowning:

If anyone can come up with some solution to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

You rate your own comments? Thats just sad…

Well you’re doing something wrong, since it works for us, have you removed every single piece of code from the old version?

Why would anyone rate their own comments?
Try reinstalling it with no addons.

Yeah, that rate thing was accidental. I was going to edit the post and I clicked that on accident (I’m stupid like that sometimes…).

What I did was go through and delete all of the Renaissance and SLV files that were included in the download (I marked all of the files before installing them). If there is something other than all of that that I still have to do, please tell me since I barely know anything about the programming.

Ok I have officially given up on HLR:R because even though it worked somewhat, it fucked up my tool gun and wiremod so there is really no point in having it.