Half-Life Series Assassins Ragdolls/P-Models

I’m looking for either ragdolls or player models of the Half Life 1 Female Assassin (preferably with perhaps HD or maybe just completely redone?) and, while I already have Romka’s excellent Combine Assassin, i’m looking for a better player model version than the ugly E3 version of the cut Combine (Female) Assassin. Can anyone help with this?

I’d ask for a Female 2’s head hacked onto the Combine Assassin for it’s own model, but that’d probably be too much for a request like this, so if anyone can help me with the above, i’d be grateful.

(Still think we need more non-nude female models. :sigh: )

Wait, do you want the HL1 HD assassin or the HL2 beta style assassin?

Both, really. Like I said, I have Romka’s HL2 beta Assassin, but I want one that’s more overall useable that isn’t the fugly E3 Assassin model. And i’d kill for a touched-up HL1 Assassin model of high quality.

Well, I did port this for HL:S a while back.


It’s the HD Assassin model that Romka made for HL1

I’m not sure what you’re looking for with the E3 assassin, there’s only 3 model that I know of out there.